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We first became involved in Siberians after boarding several for Lorraine Bell of Kimoberg. Their natures and free spirit endeared the breed to us and our first litter was born in 1993.

In the ensuing years, we have actively shown the breed with considerable success thus most of our current breeding animals are Australian Champions. We continue to strive to breed animals that are of the correct structure and thus able to carry out the very grueling work for which they are renowned.

The Siberian Husky is a noble, strong and eye catching breed of dog. It can have a coat of any colour with any pattern or markings, ranging from white, grey and black to red or copper and including sable and even piebald. The eye colour of Siberians is unique as they can have blue through to dark brown and both eyes may be of different colours or even parti-coloured! In general, they are particular about their cleanliness, and being a member of the Spitz breeds, they are free from the usual doggy odours.

A Siberian should be gentle, reliable and friendly, making a good family companion for all ages. They have an alert, outgoing and clownish personality, with the desire to please and the inclination to be rather stubborn and strong willed with unrivalled independance. They are neither guard dogs nor fighters, being affectionate to one and all, and are a VERY energetic breed with a great desire to run.